October 28, 2018


The Mantra itself is Devatā, that is, the Supreme Consciousness (Cit-śakti) manifesting in that form. śṛṇu devi pravakṣāmi bījānām deva-rūpatām | mantroccārṇ amatrena deva-rūpam prajāyatte || Bṛhad-gandharva-Tantra (Ch. V) The Mantra is awakened from its sleep (Mantra-caitanya) through the Sādhana Śakti of the mantrin. It is at base one and the same Śakti which appears as Sādhana-Śakti and Mantra-śakti, the latter however being the more powerful manifestation.  The consciousness of the Sādhaka becomes en rapport and in union with the Consciousness in the form of the Mantra; and the Devatā who is the Artha of the Mantra appears to the…
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August 1, 2018

Sri Aurobindo: When Does a Mantra Succeed?

The japa is usually successful only on one of two conditions – if it is repeated with a sense of its significance, a dwelling of something in the mind on the nature, power, beauty, attraction of the Godhead it signifies and is to bring into the consciousness, – that is the mental way; or if it comes up from the heart or rings in it with a certain sense or feeling of bhakti making it alive, – that is the emotional way. Either the mind or the vital has to give it support or sustenance. But if it makes the…
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