BE SILENT – The Truth Is by Sri H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji)

The purpose of all practice is Silence, your real nature. Without Silence you cannot be in peace so strive only for this. Even while active remain in Silence as Silence and be conscious of Silence always.

Ramana’s main teaching is Silence and it is this Silence that silently answers all questions and removes all doubts. Train your mind to go to Silence. As Kabir said: “Keep your body, your mind, your intellect, and your prana quiet and wisdom will follow behind you searching for you!”

Be Silent by directing your mind toward its Source. Mind directed toward object of senses is suffering. The same mind must investigate its Source; the “I” must face its Source. This is true austerity, true practice, and true meditation.

Face the Atman, this is Satsang, because this is home, the holy company of the Self. The most holy association is to Be as you are. This is Freedom. This is beyond imagination, very new and very fresh. So just keep Quiet. Do not think. It is you. It is you. Don’t stir a thought, and if a thought comes, let it, don’t waver, don’t doubt your majesty. It is so simple.

The one who has It will know that they have done it. When you are quiet it is Beauty, Joy and Stillness. It is effortless. Effort is to disturb your mind, effort is playing with corpses in the graveyard. Just contemplate that which is always silence. Go to the Source. Do not believe anything, simply stay quiet and return home and do not rest until you are there. Peace is only available when there is no “I” and you need an “I” to do practice.

The secret to Bliss is to stop the search, stop thinking, stop not-thinking, and keep Quiet.

The best practice is to Know “Who am I.”

You are Brahman, know this.

If you want to do anything, just Always adore Self.

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