When an amavasya coincides with a Saturday, then it’s ideal for placating disturbing pitr-s, mollifying Saturn, or doing upasana of Kali.

As the last Yuga deepens, and Asuric forces become more and more powerful, Kali becomes the most prominent and active among devata-s who participate in the world of humans. Her unstoppable power decimates Asura-s. Even a little of Her grace is sufficient to protect a seeker in any astral plane against any kind of entity or attacks.

kalau kAlI kalau kAlI kalau kAlI varapradA
kalau kAlI kalau kAlI kalau kAlI tu kevalA ||

Photo: Bhadrakālī from 15th century Kerala. Second is an artistic depiction of Kali Yantra. In Tantra Shastra-s there is no difference between a Shakti and an appropriately energized Yantra representing that Shakti.

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