Bhairava holds within Himself the entire universe by reducing all the shaktis to sameness with Himself and inasmuch as He completely devours within Himself the entire mass of ideation which is responsible for sense of difference

Shiva Sutras. [ Shiva Sutras are a collection of seventy seven aphorisms that are foundational to the tradition of spiritual mysticism known of#Kashmir #Shaivism. ]

Bhairava sadhana, especially of the forms of Kalabhairava, when performed over long periods of time will inevitably lead one into zones which are outside of society. Probably, the reason why the Kapalika path vanished is not only because of its exclusivity and stringent requirements but also because the energy so invoked by these sadhanas make an individual progressively unfit to stay within the normal bounds of society. Bhairava is essentially a deity who stands outside of social dharma. He leads to liberation but only for those who can have given up all engagement with normal life. Psychologically he represents those clear, free, frank, movements of consciousness. The inside and the outside, the esoteric and the exoteric are in sync at all times. There is no gap, even so slight between what lies deep within, what works in the verbal flow of the mind and what comes out finally as the spoken word or performed action. His state of boundless internal freedom is represented pictorially as Shiva (stillness) residing in a smashan (where attachments have ended), holding a skull know as brahmanda-khappar (skull of the Universe), drinking wine in copious amounts (a state of permanent Divine Intoxication), cohabiting with women (bringing all Shaktis to sameness) who come to Him willful drawn, and other spirits, ghouls, jackals and all who are cast out of public life.

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