October 24, 2018

Prayer At The Feet Of Srī Srī Kālīkā

  PRAYER AT THE FEET OF SRI SRI KĀLIKĀ May the Maha-Devi who is called Kalika, Because She is without beginning or end, Whose Body is imagined to be blue of colour, Because like the blue sky She pervades the World, And because She is Cidghana Sattvagunamayi. Who is imagined to be black Because She is colourless and above the coloured Gunas, Whose hair is dishevelled (Muktakesi) Because though Herself changeless She binds infinite numbers of Jivas by bonds of Maya, symbolized by Her dishevelled hair and because She makes liberated (Mukta) Braha, Visnu and Mahesvara who are Kesa. Who is…
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