One of the most beautiful sections of the #Caṇḍī Pāṭha is the stuti to the Devi done by Brahma, so that Vishnu can fight with the Asura-pair named Madhu and Kaitabha. 

The names Madhu and Kaitabh most easily remind us of madhu – honey, and a play on the word kITa – insect, a honey-bee. 

These insects of the genus Apis are known in commonly for their remarkable single-pointedness in gathering honey and work as a perfect symbol of all such people who are satisfied in their trapping of daily life, going over the mundane routine day in and day out in the pursuit of goals imposed by society and the collective, and for whom no amount of lecture, nor advice, is sufficient to break away from daily cycle in search for a higher and Divine purpose or meaning to existence. 

Exactly like a metaphorical honey bee. To bring them into the path of Dharma from their tamasic life requires the intervention of Visnu, who needs to be awakened from his yoganidra, hence Brahma’s appeal to the Goddess for it is She who governs the sleep of Vishnu as well.

Brahma uvaca:

Brahma said:

tvam svāhā tvam svadhā tvam hi vasat-kārah svara-ātmikā

sudhā tvam akasare nitye trithāmātra-ātmikā sthitā 73

You are svaha and svadha.

You are verily the vasat-karah (vedic sacrifice) and embodiment of svara; You are the nectar of immortality, oh eternal and imperishable One; You are the embodiment of the threefold matra, the Om sound.

ardha-mātrā sthitā nityā yā an-uccaryā a-visesatah,

tvam eva sā tvam sāvitri tvam devi-janani parā.

You are half a matra, though eternal

You are verily that which cannot be uttered specifically.

You are the Savitra hymn and

The supreme Mother of the devas

tvayā etad dhāryate viswam tvayā etat srjyate jagat,

tvayā etat pālyate devi tvam atsy ante ca sarvadā.

By you this universe is born,

By you this universe is created,

By you it is protected oh Devi

And you always consume it at the end

visrstau srsti-rūpā tvam sthiti-rūpā ca pālane,

tathā samhrti-rūpāante jagato ‘sya jagan-maye.

Oh you who are of the form of the whole world, at the time of creation; You are the form of the creative force, at the time of the sustentation; You are the form of the protective power, and at the time of dissolution of the world, You are the form of the destructive power.

mahā-vidyā mahā-māyā mahā-medhā mahā-smrtih,

mahā-mohā ca bhavati mahā-devi mahā-asuri.

You are the supreme knowledge as well as the great nescience,

The great intellect and contemplation, as also the great delusion, You are the Great Goddess and as also that fantastic Asuri (mahā-asuri.)

prakritis tvam ca sarvasya gunatraya-vibhāvini

kāla-rātrir mahā rātrir mohā-rātris ca dārunā.

You are the primordial cause of everything bringing into force the three qualities (sattva, rajas and tamas); You are also the four great spiritual nights (Shivaratri, night of Holika Dahana, Krshna Janmasthami and night before Diwali).

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