One of the Tantrik forms of Ganesha is known as Heraṃba. Scholars believe that the name Heraṃba translates to “protector of the weak”. Unlike in his regular iconography, Heramba Ganapati rides a lion and is often depicted with five faces – four elephant heads facing the cardinal directions while the fifth one looking skywards. Heramba has 10 arms holding pasha (noose), danta (his teeth), aksamala (rosary), parashu (battle-axe), a three-headed mudgara (mallet), and a sweet modak. Two other arms depict varamudra (blessings) and abhayamudra (granting fearlessness). Sometimes a garland and fruit are also added to the iconography of Heraṃba, as well as an ankusha or elephant goad. Riding a lion Heraṃba Ganapati is the protector of the weak, and destroyer of enemies. His upasana, like in other Tantric worship, can be used for the six kriyas of shanti, vashikarana, mohana, vidweshana, ucchatana, and marana as well as protection from these kind of attacks.

अभयवरद हस्तः पाशदन्ताक्षमालाः सृणि परशु दधानो मुद्गरं मोदकं च । फलमधिगत सिंहः पंचमातंग वक्त्रो गणपति रतिगौरः पातु हेरंबनामा ॥

Let me be protected by the five-headed Ganesa riding on a lion who is very serious, who is called Heramba, Who protects and gives boons, who holds the pasha, tusk, rosary, sickle, battle-axe, hammer, citron, and modaka.

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