Jyotish is considered as one of the six Vedanga-s that one must learn in order to master the Vedic wisdom. Over time it gained independent popularity among people as an excellent guide and mechanism of deciphering the writings of Karma. Wisely used it becomes an empowering occult tool to find out how the energies and karmic patterns are aligned at a given moment in Time, and accordingly, tailor one’s activities and expectations for a smooth and fulfilling life. Even better is to use jyotish for purposes of sadhana. One can figure out what kind of spiritual practices and deities are most apt for an individual, and what sadhanas are likely to bear fruits.

There is a portion of Karmas that every individual brings with him which is called drida or fixed. Those are almost unalterable, they require stoic acceptance. But there are other karmas which are changeable and using right action and skilful upaya-s one can circumvent or at least minimize their effects. This is perhaps the most powerful use of Jyotish Vidya.

So we are introducing a new section on Jyotish where both articles and paid jyotish consultations will be available. We have a handpicked team of excellent jyotishi-s, with proven mettle, who will be performing readings with a strong focus on upayas (or remedial upasanas) for whosoever is interested.

For readings please send email to this ID: svetavaraha14@gmail.com