Kamakhya Bhairava Upasaka Foundation is set up with the following objectives.

Sadhana with Sankalpa for Dharma Protection

The Kamakhya Bhairava Upasana Foundation is dedicated to uniting individuals in the spiritual practice of Mantra Sadhana, with a clear Sankalpa focused on the protection of Sanatan Dharma.

We strive to create a community bound by shared spiritual aims, fostering a collective strength in upholding and preserving our dharma.

Promotion of Dharmic Activities

The Foundation will also engage in a range of Dharmic activities.

  • Annadanam: Conduct Annadhanams at various veda patashalas around the country.
  • Anusthan for Deities: Conducting group anushtans and poojas and sadhana primarily towards preethi of Lord Bhairava and Ma Kamakhya.
  • Teaching Sadhana: Teach simple and basic mantra sadhana practices for interested people.

Advocacy and Protection of Sanatan Dharma

The Foundation is committed to safeguarding the sanctity and principles of Sanatan Dharma. This involves:

  • Creating Awareness: Educating and informing the public about the essence and importance of our Dharmic traditions.
  • Fundraising: Mobilizing resources to support our cause and activities.
  • Taking necessary and appropriate steps, including legal, social, and media interventions, to counteract:
    – Any discrimination against Sanatan Dharma.
    – Restrictions or biases against Hindu temple practices, devotees’ rights, and institutions.
    – Threats to the spiritual sanctity and Shakti of religious Kshetras (sacred spaces) and devotees’ scriptural worship rights.

Construction of Bhairava Temples

A monumental project undertaken by the Foundation is the construction of eight temples dedicated to Lord Bhairava across the country which will also serve as centers for Bhairava upasakas to gather and do special sadhanas for Bhairava Devata Preethi.