The Kenopaniṣat says – आत्मना विन्दतॆ वीर्यं विद्यया विन्दतॆऽमृतम् – AtmanA vindatE vIryaM; vidyayA vindatE amRutam meaning, from the Atmah comes Power and Strength, from Knowledge comes Immortality.

The Kena is a Mukhya Upanishad embedded in the end of the Samaveda. It deals with discussion of the Brahman which is both with and without any attributes and explains that the various gods, symbolized as forces of nature, both internal and external, has the Brahman as their ultimate and efficient cause.

The word kena is a question that the Upanishat asks repeatedly as a means of self inquiring into the root cause, that invisible Force or Being which governs the mind, prana, speech but cannot be understood or grasped by any of these. By whom commissioned falls the (arrow of the) mind shot to its mark? By whom yoked moves the first life-breath forward on its paths? By whom impelled is this word that men speak? What god has set the eyes and ears to their workings? If you think that you know it well, little indeed do you know the form of the Brahman.

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