– The Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon

Shakti as Prakriti first evolves mind (Buddhi, Ahamkara, Manas) and senses (Indriya), and then sensible matter (Bhūta) of fivefold form (“ether,” “air,” “ fire,” “water,” “earth”) derived from the supersensible generals of the sense-particulars called Tanmātra.

When Shakti has entered the last and grossest Tattva (“earth”) – that is, solid matter – there is nothing further for Her to do. Her creative activity then ceases, and She rests. She rests in Her last emanation, the “earth” principle. She is again coiled and sleeps. She is now Kundalī Shakti, whose abode in the human body is the Earth centre or Mūlādhārā Chakra.

As in the supreme state She lay coiled as the Mahākundalī round the Supreme Shiva, so here She coils round the Svayambhu Linga in the Mūlādhārā.

Just as the atom consists of a static centre round which moving forces revolve, so in the human body Kundalinī in the “Earth-Chakra” is the static centre (Kendra) round which She in kinetic aspect as the forces of the body works.

The wholebody as Shakti is in ceaseless movement. Kundalinī Shakti is the immobile support of all these operations.

When She is aroused and Herself moves upwards, She withdraws with and into Herself these moving Shaktis, and then unites with Shiva in the Sahasrara Lotus. The process upward (evolution) is the reverse of the involution.

The Worlds are dissolved (Laya) from time to time for all beings. The perfected Yogī dissolves the Universe for all time for himself. Yoga is thus Laya.

PHOTO : Vrindavan Das

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