An istha mantra is selected first. The object of the anusthana should be within the limits of the mantra chosen, e.g. one should not do japa of Hanuman in order to get a son. Foolish desires should not be cherished when performing anusthana. One should not do anusthana for destroying or harming other beings. This is a great blunder. This will lead to the destruction of the performer himself, in case the other party is more powerful than the performer. Generally a sublime spiritual desire should be kept in view when any anusthana is practiced. The japa sadhaka should start his anusthana in the early morning at brahma muhurta on an auspicious day. He should observe mauna all along until the completion of the anusthana. The major portion of the day should be utilized in japa. The sadhaka should offer prayers to the sun and the devata of the mantra before starting. He should then perform his daily prayers. He should sit on a clean place facing east or north. A Kriya Yogi should face north. His mind should be concentrated on the deity of the mantra. The purpose of the anusthana should be remembered all along. Complete mauna should be maintained. Eyes should be shut, sense withdrawn and there should be no other thought except for the deity of the mantra.

The object of the anusthana should be within the limits of the mantra chosen.


The sadhaka must maintain celibacy during the period of the mantra kriya. There should be no thought of wife, children, job, property or any material thing. To put in a nutshell anusthana is performance of japa for a protracted period with a concentrated mind without any thought of the external world. All anusthanas can be performed along these things with slight modifications based on necessity of the process.

Meditation is not anusthana. True meditation is rare and is actually a step higher. But very few can do genuine meditation. Anusthana is a great tapas or austerity and must be done with tremendous faith, reverence and care. The longer the anusthana the greater is the power that comes to the sadhaka.He can transform into a mystic possessed of health, wealth, prosperity and power. Anusthana can be performed even at night. Between 11 PM and 2 AM is a great time to do mantra anusthana. A good anusthana prepares the mind for a deeper meditative power. It is a severe tapas, which when performed withuot any material desire takes the sadhaka to the heights of spiritual illumination.


From the book: Voice of Babaji

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