The modern text of the Chandipath that comes to us is an aggregate of various stotras and parts which were added over time, around the core of the 13 main chapters and which are helpful for sadhana. At the very end of the text we have the Siddha Kunjika Stotram which is often regarded as a subtitute for the whole text. Understood in the right context the Kunjika is an integral part of Chandipath, but it does not replace the necessity of the main text, for each section of the Chandipath has its own power and utlity and taken together create a wonderful energy. Scholars believe that this Tantric stotra was originally a invocation of the secret and powerful esoteric form inside the Kalikula known as GuhyaKali, or the Srividya equivalent known as Siddhilakshmi.

While the real upasana of these forms is always to be learned from a competent Guru, however with the passing of time the Kunjika stotra has taken a life of its own and remains massively popular specially in North India. The Shakti encoded inside this stotra is so terrific, that rightly used it can break down any negative occult phenomenon, bring solutions to the most impossible of problems, and finally, for one so destined, even teach them the application of Shakti for the six major tantric rights from attraction, and subjugation to causing death, if needed.

One of the simplest but effective sadhana is to take a samkalpa for 41 days, clearly stating the result one has in mind. Then getting up daily early morning, at the same time, wearning red or yellow garment, facing east, and chanting the stotra for a specific number of times depending on the complexity of the problem, and then the doing japa of the mantra inside the stotra. During this period celibacy, and restrictions in speech and food are very important. At the end it is good to do a homa with 1/10th the number of mantras chanted, and finally to make it more effective, kumari pujan has to be done for 9 young girls. Additionally, one who attempts this must not discuss the sadhana with other during this 41 day period – for in secrecy great power is nutured and unleashed.

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