June 22, 2018

Ambubachi: The Greatest Celebration of Shakti

From today starts the Ambubachi mela in Nilachal Parvat (blue mountain) of kāmākhyā, Kamrupa. Just like the Kumbha Mela is the great Hindu religious congregation open for all, Ambubachi is regarded as the biggest religious festival for those who have taken to the path of Tantra sadhana. Kamakhya is one of the 4 greatest śakti pīṭha-s in the Indian subcontient of ancient times. By some accounts this is the place where vāmācāra sadhana orginated, not only for Hindus but for many streams of Tibetan Buddhism. Every single śakti pīṭha is linked to a body part of śakti, kāmākhyā is linked…
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