October 17, 2018

APARAJITASTUTI – Hymn to the Invincible Devi

The Chandipath is divided into three sections - charitras - each being equivalent to one of the three Veda-s: Rig, Sama, Yajur. The 3rd Charitra is the domain of Maharasraswati, and has given rise to some of the greatest theological and metaphorical interpretations of Shakta doctrine. The Bija of this section is Klim, which is representative of the Ananda aspect of Saccidananda. That of course takes nothing away from the battle stories, where we find some of the most terrifying forms of Devi appearing. Because maybe, constant Ananda is the toughest of all things to attain and needs the intervention…
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June 10, 2018

Durga Kavacha

In the worldview of the Tantra sadhaka the whole world consists of Shakti, every material and every moment has its own unique Shakti. A good knowledge of this allows the seeker to use different and exact materials, gathered at specific times using the knowledge of Tantric jyotisha, and combined by the application of powerful mantra-s to cause some effect that is universally visible to all. When an Amavashya (new moon) coincides with a Tuesday, such a combination is extremely potent for creation of a kavacha with the power of Devi Durga. A kavacha is like as astral armour that protects…
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