October 24, 2018

Prayer At The Feet Of Srī Srī Kālīkā

  PRAYER AT THE FEET OF SRI SRI KĀLIKĀ May the Maha-Devi who is called Kalika, Because She is without beginning or end, Whose Body is imagined to be blue of colour, Because like the blue sky She pervades the World, And because She is Cidghana Sattvagunamayi. Who is imagined to be black Because She is colourless and above the coloured Gunas, Whose hair is dishevelled (Muktakesi) Because though Herself changeless She binds infinite numbers of Jivas by bonds of Maya, symbolized by Her dishevelled hair and because She makes liberated (Mukta) Braha, Visnu and Mahesvara who are Kesa. Who is…
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July 4, 2018

Vivekananda and Kali

EXCERPT from "THE LIFE OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA BY HIS EASTERN AND WESTERN DISCIPLES", Advaita Ashrama.   After the death of Swami Vivekananda's father, the family fell into hard time, with not enough money even for two meals. That is when the one day Narendranath Dutta thought he will go an ask Ramakrishna to use his spiritual power to help him.   QUOTE   One day the idea struck me that God listened to Sri Ramakrishna’s prayers. So why should I not ask him to pray for me for the removal of my pecuniary wants, a favor the Master would never…
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June 24, 2018

When Ramakrishna Became Kalpataru

January 1, 1886, was "an event of unusual consequence and meaning" in the life of Sri Ramakrishna and his followers. Ramakrishna was suffering from throat cancer at that time, and his health was declining. It was a relatively good day for him, and he took a walk in the garden. And something strange happened. He entered as estatic trance like state, which was not uncommon, but, and this is rare, allowed the people around to touch him. Most Yogis when they reach a particularly advanced state of consciousness would not allow random people to touch their body. This serves a…
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May 21, 2018


When an amavasya coincides with a Saturday, then it's ideal for placating disturbing pitr-s, mollifying Saturn, or doing upasana of Kali. As the last Yuga deepens, and Asuric forces become more and more powerful, Kali becomes the most prominent and active among devata-s who participate in the world of humans. Her unstoppable power decimates Asura-s. Even a little of Her grace is sufficient to protect a seeker in any astral plane against any kind of entity or attacks. kalau kAlI kalau kAlI kalau kAlI varapradA kalau kAlI kalau kAlI kalau kAlI tu kevalA || Photo: Bhadrakālī from 15th century Kerala.…
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