November 16, 2018

Progressive Stages In Ācāra

PROGRESSIVE STAGES IN ĀCĀRA - Introduction to Tantra Arthur Avalon There are seven, or, as some say, nine, divisions of worshippers. The extra divisions are bracketed in the following quotation. The Kulārṇava-Tantra mentions seven, which are given in their order of superiority, the first being the lowest: Vedācāra, Vaiṣṇavācāra, Śaivācāra, Dakṣiṇācāra, Vāmācāra, Siddhāntācāra, (Aghorācāra, Yogācāra), and Kaulācāra, the highest of all.  The ācāra is the way, custom and practice of a particular class of sādhakas. They are not, as sometimes supposed, different sects, but stages through which the worshipper in this or other births has to pass before he reaches…
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