November 30, 2018

panta kathara tois katharois – to the pure, all things are pure!

Excerpt from the book ADHYATMIKTA QUOTE Legend, as mentioned in yāmala texts like Rudra and Brahma, attests to a story, with slight variations, wherein Vasistha, son of Brahma, practiced severe austerity in Blue Mountains, Nilachala, at the site of the celebrated temple of goddess Kāmākhyā. Unable to succeed in his sādhanā in spite of strenuous effort, an angry Vasistha asks Brahma for a different mantra, or he would curse this Mahāvidyāḥ. Brahma stops him from uttering the curse and then describes Tārā as a Supreme Shakti who saves from all dangers, as lustrous as ten million suns, as soothing as…
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