August 15, 2018

Krshna Subdues Kaliya

The episode in the Bhagwatam where Sri Krshna subdues Kaliya is of tremendous spiritual importance in the sadhana of Vaishnavism. While there is a historical significance to the stories, for a sadhaka the spiritual metaphors in each of these stories are of greater importance in the fullfilment of sadhana. Yamuna is the river of Bhakti or Chandra-nadi inside the human mind-body. Bhakti works best when it remains unpolluted by selfishness or a desire for gain. Even the slightest amount of personal desire corrupts the effect of Bhakti and produces no result. In its highest form devotion to the Supreme should…
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June 25, 2018


Naga-s have always been an integral part of Dharmic traditions. It is believed that they once inhabited the earth along with various other beings, and they carried tremendous amount of spiritual and occult power within them when positively inclined, and caused destruction of whole lineages when negatively inclined. While remnants of Naga worship can be found all across India, Tibet and parts of Asia, it is the negative aspects of Naga-s which have been encoded in jyotisha texts resulting in horoscopic afflictions like sarpa dosa or curse of Naga-s, and so upaya-s designed to counteract such occult maleficience. Naga-s are…
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June 1, 2018

Jageshwar: Shiva as Lord of Nagas

Deep inside the Deodar forest near Almora in Kumaon region there is a 7th century temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva. Deodars are considered extremely sacred among trees, and areas where such forests exist (Western Himalayas from Gandak river in central Nepal) have a pure and rare energy. The Jageshwar temple complex consists over 100 small temples dedicated to different forms of Devi, Surya, Ganapati, Vishnu with the main deity being Shiva. According to the ASI, some of the temples inside belong to the post-Gupta or the second half of 1st millennium while others belong to the 2nd millennium. Other…
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