May 21, 2018

Types of Buddhist Tantra

One of the highest class of Buddhist Tantra-s were known as Anuttarayoga Tantra (Tibetan: bla na med pa'i rgy) meaning Unexcelled Tantra. In the new schools of Tibetan Buddhism it is associated with the mahamudra route to enlightenment. In the Gelug tradition it is believed this Tantras originated from the teachings of the Buddha on how to transform sense pleasures into a quick path of enlightenment, and this in turn depended on the ability of the sadhaka to dissolve the prana into the central channel of awareness by force of concentrated meditation. In the classification of the Dzogchen system, used…
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April 20, 2018


Ekajaṭī or Ekajaṭā, (Sanskrit: “One Plait Woman”; one who has one knot of hair), also known as Māhacīnatārā originated in Tibet and later found her way into India during the time of Nalanda in 7th century through the Baudha Tantric master Nagarjuna. Along with Palden Lhamo, Ekajaṭā is considered as the most fierce form of Shakti and also the protector of the most secret mantra, the inner Tantra-s and the non-dual state of Dzogchen. Among the various colors associated with the patheon of Tara, she is also known as Blue Tara. This is the very same Goddess who becomes Mahavidya Tara…
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