June 24, 2018

When Ramakrishna Became Kalpataru

January 1, 1886, was "an event of unusual consequence and meaning" in the life of Sri Ramakrishna and his followers. Ramakrishna was suffering from throat cancer at that time, and his health was declining. It was a relatively good day for him, and he took a walk in the garden. And something strange happened. He entered as estatic trance like state, which was not uncommon, but, and this is rare, allowed the people around to touch him. Most Yogis when they reach a particularly advanced state of consciousness would not allow random people to touch their body. This serves a…
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April 21, 2018

What is real?

Once king Janaka was having a nap in the middle of a hot day, with servants faning him and soldiers outside his door, when he saw a dream where he was fighting with an enemy king and ends up losing all his kingdom and possessions. Scared for his life Janaka runs away into the forest to escape from the pursuing army. After running and walking all day he is tired, and hungry and thirsty. That is when he comes across a group of beggers who were being fed some watery rice by some rich philanthropist. Janaka also joins the queue, but when his turn comes he is asked for a begging bowl on which the food can be given. Janaka had no bowl and so he was turned away. Tired and depressed Janaka goes near the place where the food was being cooking and sat down to rest. One of the cooks taking pity on him scrubs the bottom of the pot and gets some watery rice into a plate and gives Janaka. Eager and grateful, king Janaka was just about to eat when two rampaging bulls come rushing and trample over the bowl, breaking it and spreading the little…
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