June 5, 2018

Avadhūta: His Nature, His Freedom

The Avadhūta Upanishad is a part of the Krshna Yujurveda which describes the nature of an Avadhūta in the course of a conversation between Sankriti and Bhagavan Dattātreya, the first among Avadhūtas. Sankriti asks: "Who is an Avadhūta, what is his state? What are his characteristics? How does he move about in the world" The supreme compassionate Lord Dattātreya replied thus: "The Avadhuta is so called because he is the immutable akshara; he is the most worthy of worship (varenya), he has shaked off all wordly bondages (dhuta-samsara-bandhana); and he is the implied meaning of tatwamasi, hence tattvamasyadi laksya. He who…
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