June 10, 2018

Vajrapani: Protector of Dharma

Vajrapāṇi (Sanskrit: "Vajra in hand") also called Vajrasattva, is one of the earliest-appearing bodhisattvas who arose from the power of the Sakyamuni's enlightenment. It is believed that on attained the condition of Samyakasambuddha, three spiritual beings were created who would always accompany the Buddha. These three were Mañjuśrī who represents the wisdom of the Buddhas', Avalokiteśvara manifests the Buddhas' immense compassion, and Vajrapāni manifested the strength and power of the Buddha. Vajrapāni is one of the earliest Dharmapalas (dharma protectors) of Mahāyāna Buddhism and also appears as a deity in the Pāli Canon of the Theravāda school. He is worshiped…
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