June 10, 2018

Paṃcadaśī: manual of Adwaita Vedanta

Panchadasi (पंचदशी) is a classic manual of Adwaita Vedanta composed in the 14th century by Vidyaranya Swami, who was the head of the Sringeri Mutt and was also instrumental in establishing the Vijaynagara Empire. Vidyaranya's pre-monastic name was Madhavacharya (not to be confused with the founder of the Dvaita sampradaya). He also composed a famous compendium of all Indian spiritual schools known as Sarvadarśanasaṅgraha where he lists all possible philosophies prevalent in India at that time. Another of his famous works is Madhaviya Shankaravijaya, a biography of Adi Shankaracharya. Panchdasi as the name suggests consists of 15 chapters grouped into…
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