July 9, 2018

Yoga-Vāsiṣṭha: On the Spiritual Heart

When Rama asked, "Which is the greatest mirror in which we see these images of things? What is it that is called the Heart of all the beings in the world?" Vasistha answered, "When we reflect we see that all the beings in the world have two hearts."   "One of these is worth acceptance, the other is not useful (spiritually). Listen how they differ. The organ called the heart placed somewhere in the chest of the physical body is useless. The Heart which is of the form of Pure Awareness is worth acceptance; it is both within and without…
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April 20, 2018

Yoga Vasistha and Kundalini

This is one explanation of how some Yogis can enter into anything, animate or inanimate, and gather knowledge about that. QUOTE Like a smoke rising from fire, the kundalini shakti, freed through the nadis, rising from the muladhara, merges into the cosmic void (vyom). This citizen (nagari, that is Kundalini), like a puff of smoke is a spectacle vibrating internally, enveloped by an ego-sense (ahamkara), which comprises the living being embraced by manas and buddhi. She is capable of moving about at will, entering into (niryati) a lotus stalk, a mountain, grass, a wall, a rock, the sky, or the…
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