When Rama asked, “Which is the greatest mirror in which we see these images of things? What is it that is called the Heart of all the beings in the world?” Vasistha answered, “When we reflect we see that all the beings in the world have two hearts.”
“One of these is worth acceptance, the other is not useful (spiritually). Listen how they differ. The organ called the heart placed somewhere in the chest of the physical body is useless. The Heart which is of the form of Pure Awareness is worth acceptance; it is both within and without — it has no inside or outside.”
“The indeed is the essential Heart and in it all this world resides. It is the mirror in which all things can be seen. It is the source of all wealth. Hence Awareness is the heart of all creation. This Heart is not a part of the perishable body, neither is it inert like a stone.”
Practice merging the Ego inside this Heart which is all Awareness and fluctuations of the mind and breath will subside.
“Having investigated the various states of being, and seizing firmly that State of Supreme Reality, play your part, O Hero, ever in this world. You have known the Truth which is in the Heart of all appearances. Without ever turning away from that Reality, play in this world, O Hero, as if in love with it all.”
“Seeming to have enthusiasm and delight, seeming to have excitement and aversion, seeming to exercise initiative and perseverance, and yet remain unattached to everything, O Hero. Released from all bonds and with an equanimous mind, acting in the world in all situations in accordance with the part your have assumed, play as you please, O Hero, in this world.”

Yoga Vasistham

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